Final 401 USA Challenge Results

The final USA @the401challenge🇺🇸 results are in! Congratulations to Year 5 for completing the distance across to California (on the final day of the school year!) An amazing achievement by everyone! Over 72K miles travelled! What an active bunch! @401foundation #WJISPESSPA 🥇

Rock Up – Monday 18th – Update

As a result of the extreme weather conditions, children no longer need to wear long sleeves and trousers for our trip to Rock Up (and Bowling) tomorrow as previously requested. They must however wear suitable, safe clothing to climb in such as sports shorts and t-shirts – no vests/ strappy/ cropped tops etc as they will need material under where the harness will be as opposed to it touching their skin. Socks and trainers must also still be worn.

Please pass this message on to other parents as I am aware not everyone will see this post.

Thanks, Miss Edwards 🙂