Dear Parents/Carers,

Homework should be relevant, purposeful and above all fun for the children. Otherwise working at home can be a chore for both children and adults alike!

At the start of each half term the children will be given a set of challenges linked to English, Maths, Science and Topic we will be covering in class over the coming weeks.

There are 18 challenges in total. Some are quick to complete whilst others will need more time. There are even some challenges which you can join in with! Each half term children should complete at least 6 of the home challenges they were set. Please can children complete 2 English challenges, 2 Maths challenges and 1 challenge from Topic and Science. I am sure that the majority of children will want to complete more, and no doubt there will be a few super stars who will set themselves the challenge of completing them all!

To motivate the children to work on their challenges at home we will be holding a ‘Showtime’ session every Friday. Children will be given the opportunity to show off their completed challenges (in books, as models or even their cooking) to teachers and other children in the class. We will tick off each completed task and give stickers to children to thank them for their hard work at home.

Each half term children will be given a new set of challenges. Remember as well as recording in books through writing and pictures, children could use photographs, make models or you could write a comment on how they did. We are really looking forward to seeing how creative the children can be!

Thank you in advance for your support.

Year 3 and Year 4.


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